Sam was hot. There was no other explanation. At least none that Simone could think of. She just knew that she had to have him. 

Simone was always this good girl. Goody-two-shoes, funny as fuck, nice tits. Maybe that was one of the reasons her boyfriend Pete asked her out in the first place. They met at an Ed Sheeran concert- Pete and her – and that’s how it started. 

Simone hated busy spots. She hated hanging out with more than three people at once and she definitely did not want to go to the concert that night. But then, you know, Ed Sheeran. She pulled on a blue halterneck romper and her trusty white Nike sneakers, ignoring the eye-roll from her roommate. 

“You do know that your attachment towards your stupid sneakers is kind of sad, don’t you, Simone?”

“I know, Dre. Look, can we hurry now, please?”

The concert was crazy. Thousands of people. Somewhere she got separated from Dre and Kevyn, and as she desperately looked around for any signs of Dre’s flaming red hair, Simone thought she felt a panic attack coming on. That’s when she felt an arm on her shoulder. It wasn’t Dre. It was an awkwardly tall, bumbling dude with the weirdest hair ever. He was saying something but Simone had this weird buzzing in her ears and she thought she’d die. Then everything went black. 

When she came to she was in someone’s room, on someone’s couch, a fuzzy blanket thrown over her. Welp, she thought, where am I? As if answering her question, someone said, “Please don’t panic, you’re safe. Your roommate called. She’ll come get you, I gave her perfect instructions.” Simone looked around and it was the tall bumbling dude. He said his name was Pete and they sat there awkwardly for a bit before Dre came to get her and the two girls left. 

It transpired that Pete actually lived round the corner (with an elusive roommate of his own, elusive because nobody had seen the dude much) so Simone started hanging out with him. One thing led to another, lots of steamy kisses and before long, they were ‘going steady’. Or so she thought. 

One day she happened to be lounging around Pete’s apartment alone when he showed up with Sam. When Pete kissed her hey all she could see was Sam. The elusive roommate. Where Pete was skinny and basically looked like a bag of bones, Sam had these broad shoulders, and his smile was so radiant it hit Simone like a physical force across the room. 

“Baby, meet Sam. He’s been my roommate for a while now. Did you know he plays the guitar?”

Simone wanted to say a bazillion things, including a lot ofkiss me Sam”s but settled for a meek Hello instead. The guys ended up playing COD while Simone sat frozen trying to quell the sudden lust threatening to burst out of her, while occasionally flicking glances at Sam and his amazing lips and what she wanted to do to them. Little did she know how suddenly that moment would come…

Two days later, Pete had to rush home for a couple of weeks because his single Mum needed surgery. Dre was away with Kevyn on vacation; and Simone, bored out of her skull, decided to take a walk round the block. And ran into Sam. Who looked as pleased to see her as she did him. And this hanging out thing became a routine. Between work and gym and no Pete and Dre around, Sam and Simone bonded over the weekend, watching pathetic box office bombs which they laughed themselves silly at. The occasional arm brushing turned into full tilt hand holding during accidentally watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and things progressed faster than a speeding train. 

Neither of them had any idea how they ended up in Sam’s bed, his hands on her waist, kissing like depraved jaguars. Between kisses, Sam came clean about having a girlfriend back home. At this point, neither of them cared, not really. Nearly blind with lust, Sam kissed Simone’s perfect lips till she couldn’t taste them anymore. Shirts came off, and then Sam expertly undid the clasp on Simone’s bra in under three seconds. Pete had made love to her before and Simone remembered how much she had to fake it but Sam was knocking it out of the ball park, his wet lips leaving behind trails of fire on Simone’s flat stomach, and further down till she couldn’t feel her legs anymore. Afterwards, sitting in bed with Sam holding her while he played Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, Simone thought that making love to Sam was like embracing art. 

So this became a routine for the both of them: Work, gym, fuck, repeat. Funnily enough, none of their partners called much. Which was a big relief for the both of them. 

On a lunch date with Simone one day before Pete was due to arrive home, Sam noticed Pete walk into a Starbucks nearby. 

“Simone, don’t look now, but I think Pete’s back.”

“Holy. We’ve gotta hide!” 

So they snuck out, and sure enough there was Pete, walking hand in hand with someone who suspiciously looked like… 

“Sam, isn’t that your girlfriend Mia?! Who’s supposed to be back home?”

Sam stopped dead in his tracks. It was her. 


9 thoughts on “Sidechicks

  1. Great work, little one… nicely done, in all respects….

    I’ll note, it might make your Dad go “hmmm?”, wondering how much is based on personal experience, but, you’re a big girl, so, he’ll just have to deal…


    Well written….


    Liked by 1 person

      1. *smile* I believe you; it must be the power of imagination…. Dad’s gonna worry, anyway….it’s a job requirement…. I’m glad to see you writing out of the box…


        Liked by 1 person

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