Love is one screwed up emotion, I tell you. If there’s anything that’s real, it’s only apathy. I can watch someone for hours and feel nothing well up inside me – it’s crazy. People ask me why I’m so obsessed with cheating and why I end up writing about it so much but I don’t have enough explanation, not really. 

I’ve been told I’m easy

Now what does easy mean? 

I’ll explain. Our society coins a new term for everything. They try to put you in a box and label you – it’s just a thing and you shouldn’t be worrying too much about it. Why do people do that? After quite a bit of deliberation, I’ve concluded that people only attach tags to your personality and to you as a whole when they can’t really understand you. Specially if you happen to be a woman who thinks it’s okay to make mistakes before getting there. By there I mean wherever you’re going. I don’t understand why I’ve to explain myself to everyone and even after I do, they still have  only hate to offer. 

Coming back to the easy bit, it’s no secret that I’ve dated quite a few men. All of whom have got away. If you’re struggling with your life life like I was once, here’s something to hold on to – people are intimidated by confident people. It’s psychology. And there’s more. In 2017 when everything has reached the point of being far too plastic for even the Kardashians to deal with, just know that there are male versions of gold diggers too. If you happen to be with a gold digging male and you chance upon his secret and stop funding him, he loses his ish. And that’s when the name calling begins. You think guys don’t talk about you behind your back? You are so wrong. I know for a fact that they do; in fact I know guys that actually get together to get high and then basically bash their ex girlfriends.

Including calling them names.

Offensive ones. Made more so when spoken in vernacular language. 

I don’t get that. How do you go from calling someone pretty to pretty vulgar within months? After you’ve claimed to have loved them and wanted them forever? Also how do you justify acting like the victim of the situation when you’re the one that’s victimsing some poor girl? Calling her easy and a slut? Before you insult someone and character profile them to shit take a long hard look at yourself. The fault, dear losers, lies in the likes of you. You can’t hold your drink and you can’t hold your woman and you are the one to blame.

You’re easy. Easy to dispose of and it is so easy to get over you. Not her. 


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