Sex intrigues me. It does. Wait, let me rephrase that – the kind of sex that specially comes with emotional tags, intrigues me. To no end. 

Most people these days come with some sort of iRobot button that automatically switches off their emotional side when in the urgent need to screw. Also, whoa, can we talk about how much sex has evolved? Bad, bad, naughty 2017. This magic button I’m talking about is called alcohol/drugs. You take sufficient amount of it and you are a human robot. Just like that, all emotions shut down. It used to be amazing, from what my cool elderly neighbor tells me. Sex used to be called making love. 

Some of y’all will tell me that it’s still called that, but how many kids today talk about it like it means something? Go on, I’ll wait while you go find out. Even when you’re in bed with someone after having tested the potency of several Margaritas on an empty freaking stomach, all he will tell you is, “Baby, I want to fuck.” Not one time will you hear him say, “Let’s make sweet love.” Cheesy as that sounds, I’d be real happy if someone came up with that instead of just mindlessly doing it. I think the sweet love trend died with that You Make me Wanna song by Blue way back in 2013, when I was barely pubescent. Wow. My whole generation and the next and the next are all screwed up. 

Holy mother.

Speaking of which, did you know that young girls barely in their teens are already doing it? Innocence doesn’t exist anymore, at least that’s what I feel like. The other day some girl posted a video of herself stripping butt naked and caressing herself – she couldn’t have been more than thirteen – on social media! And it showed up on my explore page. Like, what the actual fuck. Somebody step up and stop this madness, for Lord’s sake: it’s driving me nuts!! 

I think this is also the reason why men assume away to glory about what women want. Not cool, people, not cool. 
Rant over. 


8 thoughts on “All Sorts Of F*ck 

      1. You probably don’t. .f…hate my. I had neuro cardio problems. ..sorry find me on insta if u want. .. @ryszardtheartist…:*

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  1. Lmao!! I’ve taken the liberty to label today’s overly provocative teenagers as members of the FWA. The Future Whores of America. They are OUT of control. What’s worse- I have a 7 year old daughter and an 11 year old stepdaughter who is menstruating and developing a Beyoncé body. I pray for what remains of my sanity every single day. It’s incredibly difficult raising girls here in Miami. Kids just aren’t kids. They’re 13 years old and looking 25. And here *I* am, 32ish and wishing more than anything, I could be 13 again and get a “do-over” and far as sex goes- romance is still out there. I believe that 100 percent just less and less in the younger generations. I don’t know how old you are- but it’s out there.

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    1. I’m not sure about whether to laugh at the FWA bit, but it’s so scary!!!! The way raising children has become so difficult. I hope you keep your sanity though. I’m 26 and sticking out like a sore thumb because of my old school morals hahahha

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