I don’t want to say goodbye to Sleepy Hollow, as I’ve lovingly come to call Davangere, Karnataka, India. There, I’ve said it and I can’t believe I’ve said it. I’ll admit, Sleepy Hollow isn’t so sleepy anymore, blossoming into a smart city over the course of two years. But that didn’t change how I felt about the place for years. And now that I’m leaving, I don’t want to say goodbye. 

Isn’t it like, so serene!?

Isn’t it crazy? People are so weird; when we have access to something, we take it for granted. I’m sorry I took you for granted, Sleepy Hollow, forgivsies? Right now my life feels like the virtual toilet paper, rolling away too fast as it nears the end. Not the end end, but life here in DVG. I’m going to miss everything. Heck, I miss everything already! The bad weather, the smell of burned butter down the street from that famous butter dosa place, the shortcuts to class, the cute post graduates who only stayed cute until the next posting. All of it. 

Sadly enough, all of that goes away as I move back home. When you have small town Indian parents around, you need to offer an explanation for everything; right from why your eyebrows are that bushy to why you hate rice so much. Not that I’m complaining but I don’t really want to move back home. How on earth am I supposed to explain to them that college and work felt more like home to me than actual home itself? I never had love back there. But Sleepy Hollow? I have love even now, and the crazy part is having to leave behind everything that makes me feel like home, that makes me happy – crazy happy, for a change. 

I’ve experienced life on the flip side here. Been the other woman for a while. Didn’t know it. When I found out, it broke me way more than I realised. That’s also one of the reasons why I’m so obsessed with cheating even though it happened ages ago. It unknowingly may have turned me into a masochist and spawned my love for writing stories with twisted, screwed-up endings. But then, it did inspire me, more than I could ever have imagined even in my wildest dreams. And now that I have to go, it’s pulling me back in and holding me back. Isn’t it crazy? How you discover things when you don’t really have the time? But then, isn’t it better to be late than to never have taken the plunge at all? 

Davangere is beautiful, you guys. 

Me trying the follow me to pose
Sante Bennur, some sixty kilometres off Davangere, is beautiful
That’s my girl walking off into the sunset

Yep. I don’t want to leave. 

Will I ever come back? Maybe not, but then you never know. Have you guys ever felt this way? Hating on a place when you were there and not wanting to leave when the time came? Tell me all about it!! Also, I’m sorry I don’t have better photos because that’s all my iPhone could manage. 

Until next post…



3 thoughts on “Stepping Out 

  1. Such a beautiful post. Your writing is wonderfully sentimental. You’ll always have Sleepy Hollow and those experiences in your heart. It’ll affect the rest of your life. I’ve had a very similar experience and to this day I remember the good and bad with fondness. Time for the next level. I hope you can find a place of your own or find peace in living with your family.

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  2. No it’s not. Sometimes we need our own space even if it may last for a week or decades. Unfortunately family may not let you grow. They’ll always remember you as that awkward first grader.. It just makes it that much harder to grow and change. But you still can do it and surprise them. Or better yet you can throw a first grader tantrum and they’ll leave you alone.

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