You’ve NO idea how proud I am of Indian women right now.  If you follow the news channels, you’d know that there was a rather creepy incident involving a Chandigarh woman and a politician’s son.

This twenty nine year old woman was reportedly out driving somewhere a little after midnight on August 4, when she was chased by two men in an SUV, one of whom happened to be Haryana BJP chief’s son. And now the BJP says that it’s the woman’s fault she had to go through with the whole episode. 

My Indian readers will understand and sadly, even relate to this. For those of you that don’t live or know what goes on in India – here’s what happened following the incident. The BJP went on to victim-shame the woman, going so far as to say that parents need to ensure their daughters’ safety by having them come home early. What the fuck? Like our parents have nothing better to do than sit around, waiting for us to get home? Like it isn’t bad enough that a majority of single working Indian women still have to crash at their parents’ because if they get an apartment for themselves, oh Lord forbid, log kya sochenge*?

The fact that women are rebelling and standing up for themselves is amazing, and this is why it’s amazing: it’s 2017, not 1817. We are educated and our parents didn’t bring us up to live life within the lines, or to abide by a certain set of rules that the mysogyistic Indian male pig has come up with just so they can still control us. It makes me very happy to see Twitter today be all flooded with women tweeting photos of themselves, beer in hand, big smile in place, just having a good time with friends, well after midnight. 

Just because these men can’t keep it in their pants is no reason to tell a woman how to dress or talk and when to come home. And yes we are responsible adults: we call our mothers ahead and let them know we might be getting late so they won’t freak out. And if our families have no issue, why would the politicians have a bazillion of them? Also, it’s a giant mystery: why do men think you’re available and easy to score if you’ve got on a low cut shirt that’s showing off your amazing collarbone highlight? Because most of the times we don’t dress to impress a man, unless it’s a new boss with OCD obsessed with dress codes, most of the times we do it to show off our newly sculpted gym bodies, so when we run into our bitchy personal trainers they stay speechless for once. And don’t make snarky comments involving you and sad, broken weighing scales. 

So yes, if you can’t give me Prince Charming, I refuse to stick by your rules and your curfew. 

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8 thoughts on “Ain’t No Cinderella 

  1. This is beyond awesome! So much GIRL-POWER I think the Spice Girls are taking notes for their comeback (they HAVE to make a comeback, lol). I def don’t watch enough news! It stresses me the hell out. Thanks for being inspirational!

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  2. Love it; you tell ’em girl. Men the world over need to get over themselves… Me, I taught my daughter kung fu along with her value as a human being; any man trying to force her physically would, and did, get a rather nasty surprise, & was told to feel lucky he lived through the lesson in manners… Best defense is a good offense, in certain situations, I always say…

    Sexism is, sadly, all to ubiquitous, rampant in the entire world; some places exist where it is less obvious than India, but, what can a society do when every major religion is male dominated, all of whom are conflicted about being a sexual human?.. Silly apes never can seem to get it right…

    Well said, Sooch



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