You know what’s crazy? The whole dating scene. Relationships. It’s freaking twisted. I don’t mean to say that being in a relationship is a bad thing, because it isn’t. It’s great. It’s peachy. There’s kissing and there’s the occasional hand holding depending on the comfort level you and your partner share with the whole PDA thing.


I don’t get the point of getting asked out on stupid things like overpriced coffee dates. What do you achieve from this? I’ll tell you what. A big sack full of nada. I don’t like people that keep sending random texts asking you out for coffee. Like, what and why? I can make my own coffee, in the comfort of my own house and I don’t need you to pay 💰 for that crap. No thank you. It’s like consumerism has suddenly exploded and also started doing a serious amount of crack. Sigh. <<<<
't like planning things when it comes to romance and relationships. Unless of course, you're married and there's kids involved and you need to save where you can. I like spontaneity. I like being surprised. I'm talking good surprises. Not the kinds where your partner springs one on you and says woo hoo I’m leaving you for Cathy at work cause she has a bigger butt. Jesus. No. Not that kind; the good kind. The hey I made dinner and you’re coming over and we’re watching Friends together kind. How hard is that?

But no, no, no.

As if dating in India wasn’t hard enough, you gotta plan everything and you gotta end up breaking your head when your partner cancels plans. Like, stop. Live. Live every moment. You don’t need to go ahead and be a control freak from hell. I’ve seen people who feel the need to update their partner with every little detail of what’s going on. This micromanaging thing? It’s fucking scary! You promise yourself you won’t turn into one of those people but lo and behold, you’re the champion of micromanagers. And you don’t even know when that shit happened.

And if everything is going okay between you and your partner, there will always be an external factor just waiting to make a mess.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. And it’s the loss that’s gonna make you flip. It’s so scary.

Who else feels the same way?


21 thoughts on “Recipe for Disaster

  1. I don’t even drink coffee so….

    I feel like the whole “Wanna grab a coffee?” this is just an excuse to hang out because people aren’t forward enough to say, “Hey let’s go somewhere and talk for 3 hours.” We make this so hard on ourselves.

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