This is an Open letter to Anonymous, who thinks (or think, there are many of them, I’m sure) that it’s okay to hurt me over and over again, for no apparent reason.

I don’t know what I may have done to offend you, and I don’t even know who you are. I’m a strong person, and I don’t cry. I don’t break easy and no matter how hard you try to hurt me, I will only respond with kindness.

You’re allowed to bash me. By all means, do it everyday. What you’re not allowed to do, however, is to go after my friends or my family. If I’m classy and rich, according to you, please explain how that would be a And I’m not rich, I just work hard.

I’m on this platform so often because I’m between switching careers and my parents are okay with that. I didn’t have any need to come on here and explain myself to you because you don’t pay for my food, you don’t pay my bills.

You’ve called me a liar and you’ve called me fake. You’ve called me a “Google doctor” and it’s something I won’t take.

I’ve spent a good part of my teens and my twenties studying and working my ass off. There have been days where anxiety crippled me so hard I couldn’t move. Today turned into one of those days. I couldn’t breathe. I’m good at managing my time and I’m good at managing my life. And I know how much ut hurts to be bullied. And I also know how much it takes to become a doctor in this country.

So don’t you dare say that I never worked hard and I am a fake doctor because I’m not. I’ve asked you for your email so I can prove it to you, with all my receipts. Even though I don’t need to prove things to you, but then again, I don’t understand unwarranted hatred.

I’ve not been raised that way.

I came on here to try and sort things out with you, one last time, you can talk to me personally and I assure you, it’ll be all in confidentiality. I’ve been extending so many olive branches but you won’t listen.

Just don’t say mean things about me and my credibility. Because I know how much it took to come on here and be where I am today. If there’s something that can be fixed, please let’s just fix this. I’m not a hateful person and I don’t want you to be one.

Please don’t hurt me. I was broken enough to start with. I healed myself. Don’t break me apart. Please. Not again.


16 thoughts on ““Please Don’t Hurt Me”

  1. You are strong, brave and well educated. Please know when pansy, cowards attack you it’s because they are weak and alone and will remain that way. For every attack know that you have a thousand supporters who’d gladly take this clown to the cleaners. Not to be violent, obviously this pig needs a good washing.


  2. Oh Sooch, lots of love from another part of the country 💞💞
    I really hope love from one person can neutralise the effect of hatred from another person.

    Also, WHY have you dissappeared from instagram?!!

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  3. Let it ‘all’ not affect you Sooch. People are gonna say things, People are gonna do things…but that’s what people do. The best we can do for ourselves is ignore them and carry on. If we let it affect us, life’s gonna only a horror story all through.
    Wishing you smiles and happy times at all times.

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