It’s almost the end. Of the year, that is. And 2018 was all over the place. I remember all of us praying, like we typically do, for a beautiful new year just last year and then we got well, a load of crap.

The only good thing that came out of all that crap was probably the Me-moji. Case in point:

While this is very cute and seems to have very fine teeth and all, there’s a million things that made me very unhappy this year. Let’s start with the very obvious, shall we?

1. Atrocious Grammar and Catchphrases:

This was the year of the worst grammar out there. I fail to see how “I’m shook”, “It’s lit”, or “It me” makes any sense. Okay, I maybe a bit of grammar nazi, sure. But I’m also pretty sure that *most* English teachers on the planet are actually smacking themselves on their foreheads.

Also, what’s “She’s quaking” supposed to mean? What’s with the overuse of the word “sister”? Why is it okay to say “I’m sister shook?”

Well, young lady/man, I’m sister shook at your sister atrocity. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, stop reading and Google James Charles YouTuber.

2. The Over-saturated Market:

There’s this pretty huge Instagram page called TrendMood1, and I think she should change her handle to The Enabler. I’ve never seen someone so influential. She could even sell a used tissue, she’s that convincing.

And she’s been phenomenal in helping saturate the already over-saturated beauty industry.

It used to be Kylie Cosmetics alone that would pump out new launches. But now, we have every other brand follow suit. We can’t keep up, and our wallets and finally our interests follow suit. This is coming from a makeup hoarder. I used to buy a lot. I used to buy a lot in 2017. Heck, even in June this year. But now? Every time there’s a new lipstick out, it’s like I’ve seen it before.

3. Bookstagram Drama:

It’s bad enough we have so much drama in the beauty industry, but now it’s spilled over into the world of Bookstagram too.

It all started with my good friend Faroukh talking about sponsorships and ads. Which actually started off a little bit of a war. And then it quickly escalated. And then it moved to Twitter. I don’t think it’s wrong to expect payment for content you’re putting your heart and soul and time and effort into. It’s only fair that when you’re creating content for someone, you expect to be paid. With actual money. No one should be working for free, right?

But oh boy. It did rub a few people the wrong way. And before we knew it, up went a post talking about how freedom was too important and how money doesn’t count. Oh dear. To think we had drama only in the beauty community. What’s next? Gym membership drama? Oh. Popcorn time.

4. Apple and The Crazy Prices:

So Apple is really testing people with the crazy prices. In India, the new iPhone XS Max is priced slightly higher than a tiny car called the Tata Nano.

While there’s no denying the fact that the new phones are beautiful, it does get my goat sometimes knowing that you’d have to buy extra attachments in order for your phone to be properly functional. The stock adapter isn’t gonna come equipped with fast charging. Which is so annoying.

When you pay so much for a phone, it has to be perfect, right? But it is a beauty. Takes amazing shots, you see. Wow, I’m contradicting myself.

And finally…

5. Wedding Fever:

Everyone is getting married.

Everyone. Celebrities. Common folk. Puppies. Like, what the heck?

I don’t understand how people suddenly develop these weird fevers and then go about doing all of it like crazy on crack.

I know at this rate, I’m going to be the last grandma standing.



44 thoughts on “Stuff I Failed To Comprehend THIS Year

  1. Good one 😉 I thinking asking people to pay through patron for your work is still a debatable topic 🙂 I think for each his own, if that person is doing that work as a full timer and has no other source of income, that its naturally for them to ask for payment if you like their stuff, and in the end its your choice if you want to pay or not. And as for the marriages 😛 i think this year its packed for Indian people 😛 either you enjoy the pictures or just turn a blind eye 😛

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  2. Nano is no longer the same old,same old y’know. It’s now in the 3 lakh plus range. Also, if you like Apple, wait for the market to crack. With right to repair and the inflation balloon collapses, it will go back to affordable.

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      1. We are gathered here today to mourn the passing(sniffles) of the greatest dinosaur known to man. It was known to be an animal of many successful conquests (sobs). It was also instrumental in bringing the great Messiah, Madam ‘Little Rants’ back to life. The dinosaurs presence was always honoured with promiscuity and if someone did hit the floor, everybody started doing the dinosaur(the entire room blushes). Thank you everyone for gathering here in this time of greatest sorrow and loss. Today willl be remembered as the day we all showed great restraint ( ugly sobs).

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      2. That was something. You spoke of Schrodinger’s cat. Now coming to your question, um. I suppose you can’t ever replace anyone. Be it nobody or everybody. Even this Nobody has a spot in the world and that’s meant for this person and you can’t take it away. Right? Whoa. 2 am thoughts.

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      3. That’s the question and that’s the answer. Everybody seemingly exists for a reason. The question is how do you look at the world, whether throw the lens of what they mean to you or what they mean to the world. A nobody is born out of perspective, after all.

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