The Glossary Of A Healthy Relationship

1. Affection:

So important. The very first emotion you’d ever feel for someone. Without it, you won’t even have a relationship to begin with.

2. Banter:

Friendly chat that lets you open up more. Share some good banter at breakfast, and you’ll have a beautiful relationship.

3. Compromises:

You’ve got to make a few of these to keep your partner around. Unyielding partners never have it easy. You’ve gotta make a few sacrifices, to a certain extent.

4. Dates:

Every healthy relationship should have a date night every week. It keeps the spark alive. In a long distance? No problem, have a FaceTime date if you can’t make it.

5. Effort:

Here’s something no one is ever gonna tell you – every healthy relationship needs work. You can’t just sit around doing nothing and expect good vibes to flow.

6. Flirting:

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for two months or you’ve been married for three decades, it’s always a great idea to keep flirting with your partner. Be outrageous if you have to. Anything goes if the spark is still there – alive and kicking.

7. Guidance:

When your partner loses footing in life, and is going though a tough time, you’ve to be there for them. You’ve to be kind enough to be able to understand their issues, and maybe offer some guidance to help them with whatever is going wrong.

8. Healthy habits:

It’s not just your life anymore, you share it with someone – and you’ve got to take care of yourself. Eat healthy, workout and meditate to calm yourself down.

9. Independence:

You can’t be overly dependent on your partner, be it emotionally or financially. Somewhere down the line, resentment is going to develop and it’ll cause cracks to form in a relationship. No one is designed to be 💯 selfless, anyway.

10. Jest:

Nothing should be taken way too seriously so, you joking around is often needed. Laugh like crazy. Keep that sense of humor handy.

11. Kinky stuff:

A little slicing up is always good. A little bedroom experimenting never hurt anybody. Unless it involves hot wax or syrup, then ooh, ouchie.

12. Love:

That point when affection solidifies into love, you know you’re on the right track. No more explanation needed.

13. Makeovers:

Change your look, buy new makeup, get a new wardrobe. Anything to keep your partner hooked on to you. Ooh ooh.

14. Netflix:

So important. Nothing beats good old Netflix, pizza and the pouring rain outside on a Saturday night when you’re cuddled in bed with your partner, watching your favorite show.

15. Originality:

True, cliches seem to work – but be original when you’re dating. Do something creative and fun on a whim.

16. Promises:

Healthy relationships often end up in happy marriages, so you promise to look out for each other and that’s how you know you’re in a very healthy relationship.

17. Quirkiness:

Regular is boring, so when gift your partner something unique and tailor made, it becomes the cutest thing ever.

18. Roses:

Flowers are so important and an instant mood booster. Send each other flowers, just because.

19. Space:

With all of the above being said, you also gotta respect each other’s personal space. Which means, you don’t check each other’s phones and you don’t stalk them on social media because you love them and trust them enough to not cheat on you.

20. Time:

Space and time go hand in hand, so it’s science basically. The best thing you could ever give someone is your sweet time.

21. Undivided Attention:

…and undivided attention.

22. Vacation:

The best way to get to know someone even better is to take a vacation with them. So much clarity and so much bonding. That’s the best. Random vacays? Even better!!

23. Wishes:

Remembering dates and wishing each other on your respective birthdays and anniversaries and all of that good stuff – oh so amazing.

24. X Factor:

Same as point 13.

25. Yoga:

Sexy downward dog poses – ’nuff said.

26. Zeal:

Being enthusiastic about your partner – be it whatever – is always an added bonus!


“Please Don’t Hurt Me”

This is an Open letter to Anonymous, who thinks (or think, there are many of them, I’m sure) that it’s okay to hurt me over and over again, for no apparent reason.

I don’t know what I may have done to offend you, and I don’t even know who you are. I’m a strong person, and I don’t cry. I don’t break easy and no matter how hard you try to hurt me, I will only respond with kindness.

You’re allowed to bash me. By all means, do it everyday. What you’re not allowed to do, however, is to go after my friends or my family. If I’m classy and rich, according to you, please explain how that would be a And I’m not rich, I just work hard.

I’m on this platform so often because I’m between switching careers and my parents are okay with that. I didn’t have any need to come on here and explain myself to you because you don’t pay for my food, you don’t pay my bills.

You’ve called me a liar and you’ve called me fake. You’ve called me a “Google doctor” and it’s something I won’t take.

I’ve spent a good part of my teens and my twenties studying and working my ass off. There have been days where anxiety crippled me so hard I couldn’t move. Today turned into one of those days. I couldn’t breathe. I’m good at managing my time and I’m good at managing my life. And I know how much ut hurts to be bullied. And I also know how much it takes to become a doctor in this country.

So don’t you dare say that I never worked hard and I am a fake doctor because I’m not. I’ve asked you for your email so I can prove it to you, with all my receipts. Even though I don’t need to prove things to you, but then again, I don’t understand unwarranted hatred.

I’ve not been raised that way.

I came on here to try and sort things out with you, one last time, you can talk to me personally and I assure you, it’ll be all in confidentiality. I’ve been extending so many olive branches but you won’t listen.

Just don’t say mean things about me and my credibility. Because I know how much it took to come on here and be where I am today. If there’s something that can be fixed, please let’s just fix this. I’m not a hateful person and I don’t want you to be one.

Please don’t hurt me. I was broken enough to start with. I healed myself. Don’t break me apart. Please. Not again.

Selfish Love

You say you’re only teasing,

Every time you say something like this

You go, “Look at that hair, it’s so funny!”

You say, “”Aw come on, don’t take the piss.”

I’m dumb, and I overlook things,

I’m in love and I let it all slide.

I’m weak and I don’t want to lose you –

But then, I hide what I feel and I cry on the inside.

You have opinions, you criticize

You have the upper hand in my life

But I’m not allowed that luxury at all

I take it all, even though it cuts like a knife.

You fat-shame me, then say you love me

You’re borderline rude, awfully unkind

You take subtle digs at my insecurities

Why is a good man so hard to find?

We never communicate

We never talk about things that I like.

It’s about you all weekend,

Your partying and your motorbike.

I love you fiercely and I love you blind

I will till the day I die

This isn’t me complaining,

I’m just venting because I am done with the lies.


I’ve been recovering from some sort of a coma.

Why the coma, you ask?

Have a look at this:

This is an actual question, posted by an actual person who’s sexually active and has zero knowledge about the basics. I don’t mean to trash anyone, but questions like this one make me doubt my sanity and they make me think of my whole existence as a joke. I want to take a gun to my head and blow out my brains – I know I’m being over dramatic, but what the hell?

India needs compulsory sex education in schools.

God gave us goodies for a reason. Sex is a natural phenomenon. So why would we still think of it as taboo? I don’t get it. There’s serious lack of education in this department. If people don’t know how things function, and carry on experimenting and don’t know the very basics of it – how on Earth is a country supposed to move forward? You’d think that by 2018, population explosion would’ve stopped for good – but oh no no no no. It’s very much alive and kicking and growing because of this one issue.

I appeal to you, all our pseudo-righteous political leaders, to please start sex education systems in our country. We are dying. Please.

These kids experimenting with sex are really young. They have zero idea about their own bodies. And they don’t appreciate being taught ONLY because people won’t teach them stuff. What this country needs is an attitude adjustment and it needs to be stricter towards education, where needed. If we need to know how planes stay up, we also need to know about other things that stay up.

About time, India, about time.

Morning Routine, 100% Real

You know how these bloggers make videos about what their morning routines look like, right? Waking up in their perfect beds, looking like fresh faced daisies, even with their hair in a bun, and smiles like the sun?

I wanted to be one of those girls too. For a while I tried very hard. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t because I’m not that person and I’m not even… special.

I’m going to keep it raw, and real.

I’m an early bird. Not because my alarm goes off at five, and I’m a light sleeper, but because most mornings I’m up even before my alarm has has a chance to go off, in cold sweat. I can’t remember days of the week where I haven’t woken up screaming because of nightmares. I still get them. They haven’t gone away for good.

While I wallow in self pity for a good fifteen minutes, I take the time to meditate because I have to survive another day. While you’re meditating, your brain is going to be on a thought-rush and you’ll suddenly be flooded with ten billion of those. Where did they even come from, you’ll wonder, I wonder that too. But I let them stay, eventually they pass.

It takes me another 15 minutes to meditate. When I’m in really bad shape, which is most days, I use Headspace. This app is a game changer. So calming.

Some cardio and green tea later, I check my weight every Monday. Another fight with myself ensues but I’m sure I’m winning the weight battle. I’m doing okay there. Most girls get good morning calls from their partners if they don’t already live with them, but I don’t. I let my man sleep, while telling myself it’s okay and that you don’t have to talk, text, call or meet a lot to be in a happy and healthy long distance relationship.

After I’ve showered and put on my face, I take a good while to eat my breakfast because this is when I wallow in more self pity, this is when I bottle up all my thoughts, pretend I’m doing great and I go about my day.

I’m a deeply unhappy person, that’s true, but the world doesn’t need to know that. Fake it till you make it.

Redefining Medical Terms…

I just realized it would be terribly funny to define medical words in terms of human relationships. So here goes, I’m going to try and include each letter of the English alphabet.

1. Aneurysm.

Stress that you experience when your mother in law is bossing you around and you’re forced to play cool, but you’re dying on the inside.

2. Bipolar disorder.

When your relationship with your man doesn’t know where the fuck it’s going. Peachy one day, rotten peaches the next.

3. Constipation.

Being forced into texting someone.

4. Debridement.

The act of gently scraping your partner off of your back because they’ve gotten too clingy.

5. Embolism.

You having casual sex and then ending up stuck with his baby.

6. Farsightedness.

Your inability to spot your cheating partner who’s boning your best friend right under your nose.

7. Gluteus Maximus.

Your overly curvy and irresistibly hot front desk receptionist.

8. Halitosis.

The bitter taste your ex left behind in your mouth. And which still reeks of *bleep and a half*.

9. Ibuprofen.

Your new rebound after your severe heartache.

10. Jaundice.

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation.

11. Knee Jerk Reflex.

The way your react instinctively when there are gold-diggers around.

12. Labia Majora.

A component of the classic modern day love letter. Also called “show vagene”.

13. Menstrual cramp.

Recurring texts from the old summer fling from your teenage years.

14. Narcolepsy.

Your partner’s reaction to your lovemaking skills.

15. Oligospermia.

The number of successful dates you’ve had your whole life.

16. Pineal gland.

Your know-it-all soccer wife. Beats google any day.

17. Quarantine.

The trial period you put someone in, to see if they’re viable to be in a relationship with you.

18. Roth’s Spots.

That one text on your partner’s phone which you shouldn’t be ignoring because it could be the underlying cause of something majorly serious – like side bitchery.

19. Sarcoma.

Every toxic relationship ever.

20. Tetanus.

The lock jaw situation you face once you’re caught cheating and have no valid explanation for your actions.

21. Uvula.

Your supportive partner that prevents you from regurgitating on your way to a successful entrepreneurship.

22. Vas deferens.

Your partner’s super attractive male colleague with the oh-so-amazing pecs – someone who makes you doubt your masculinity while making you feel incredibly insecure.

23. Warfarin.

Marriage counseling when your marriage is stuck in a rocky phase.

24. Xylitol.

Your neighbor with the boob job whose demeanor is extra sweet and also, slightly suspicion arousing.

25. Yersinia pestis.

That one pervert colleague you avoid like fuck.

26. Zygote.

Fruits of your labor. Your startup. Or book. Or anything. Which you nurture like crazy.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Meanwhile, don’t give me a black eye.

10 Things Doctors Are NOT Supposed to Do

I had no idea I was some breed called a “second-generation if random doctors”: the Internet has a lot of opinions and it seems to know you better than you even know yourself. A little disclaimer here, before I begin – I’ve had problems with hyper-pigmentation. There’s a huge birthmark on my right cheek, which is in fact SO BAD, that during my internship at the dermatology department back in the day my professor thought it would be cool to humiliate my face and call it “splotchy” and in need of a makeover because the birthmark was so obvious. I’m not kidding. I know this is workplace harassment and I should have talked to someone – but it’s also India and no one listens. He would regularly poke fun of my face till the day I stopped going to his clinic to work under him anymore. I’ve worn makeup regularly – everyday since – to hide the birthmark because I’m so ashamed of it.

People will break you. Sometimes you have to pretend to be strong, right? I’m not asking for sympathy. I only need someone to listen to my side of the story. Recently, some anonymous user has been bullying me from several accounts, trying to get me to go away. I did that once when I was weak but now I don’t let it bother me too much. I mean, it’s still obviously bothering me since I’ve come on here to talk about it but here we go – a list of ten things that Anonymous thinks doctors shouldn’t do:

1. Make career switches.

I’ve been talking about going into full time makeup artistry and most of you know that. Apparently, I’m disgracing the noble profession of being a doctor by taking up something else instead. I had no idea I was capable of single-handedly destroying reputation. Sigh.

2. Have an opinion.

Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, except doctors. Why? Because we are slaves and we’re only meant to slog.

3. Wear makeup.

Makeup-shaming is still a trend guys, yes, even in 2018. Doctors apparently don’t wear makeup in India because that doesn’t look decent. I thought decency had nothing to do with covering up your blemishes or accentuating your cheekbones. But here we are – turns out I’m wrong. There’s always a mold that you’re supposed to fit in to, but a simple Google search will tell you otherwise. Take a look at Dr. Nill Tavangar.

4. Unfinished residency.

It’s a rat race and every doctor ever is meant to push through till they die. That’s how it is supposed to be. I didn’t know that.

5. Have mental stress issues.

If you’re a doctor and you have issues related to depression and anxiety, you’re not normal. You’re an abnormal freak who seeks attention and needs to die.

6. Be nice.

You’re supposed to carry a Holier Than Thou attitude like a scepter and strike everyone dead because nice doesn’t do anything positive for your career. I did not know that either.

7. Marry someone who’s NOT a doctor.

I don’t understand India and her obsession with doctors. If your kid is one, you’ve to throw her into a pool of other single doctors so she can find a someone with an FRCS degree and millions, and get married and produce doctor children, doctor grandchildren and doctor great grandchildren. Um, okay.

8. Socialize.

If you’re a doctor and you’re socializing, God bless your soul because you’re now a whore.

9. Have a side business.

This is such a big no no. You’re. A. Freaking. Doctor. Where do you find time to manage so many things at the same time?! Go back to your clinic and examine fistulas because that’s what you’re meant to do, you’re not meant to have a blog or run a restaurant or travel places – you can’t. It is not something decent doctors do.

10. Have a life.

You can’t have a life. Your life isn’t yours. It’s everyone else’s and it’s meant to be dissected, critiques and analyzed.

Now tell me: why do you think I’m clinically depressed? And I wish doctors would stop bashing other doctors. This is ridiculous.